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Blue Skies

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In the shadows of the idyllic coastal haven, Sweet Sea, Nick Cern seeks solace. His new beginning takes an unexpected turn as he uncovers the enigmatic layers of his surroundings. A bond with Lucy, the head librarian, blossoms over shared passions, only to be shattered when an email arrives: "Clue for my murder." That night, Lucy's lifeless body lies in the library, leaving Nick questioning everything.
Officials brush it off as natural causes, but Nick refuses to accept the surface narrative. A stern sheriff and a reticent town obstruct his quest for truth. The thread unravels further as Lucy's secretive past is unveiled. Was her cryptic email a call for help or a smokescreen?
As Nick's investigation escalates, he unearths the town's hidden complexities. Cryptic encounters with locals, inklings of a botched historical society venture, and unsettling manipulations strain his resolve. Secrets intertwine with shadows and Nick's relentless pursuit uncovers the darkness beneath Sweet Sea's serene facade.
Haunted by his own battles, Nick confronts demons both past and present. Amid the web of lies, his perseverance unveils shocking revelations. The ocean's embrace and lush forests that cradle Sweet Sea add to the beguiling charm of this suspenseful tale.

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About Brian Daffern


Brian Daffern is an accomplished author with a passion for storytelling. He has written several books and has been recognized for his exceptional writing. 

He is a native of California and was born in San Diego. He currently resides in Georgia with his wife and four daughters. In addition to being an author, he is a well-educated Marine, a senior leader at a well-known technology company, a paranormal investigator, and a member of the Scientific Coalition of UAP Studies.

At Brian Daffern's Author Site, we aim to create a community of readers who share a love for great stories. Join us on this journey and discover the world of Brian Daffern.

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